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ASA Rule on misleading advertising but which company?

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The Advertising Standards Agency has investigated a company and decided it was guilty of breaches to the ASA codes. Specifically it had misleading advertising, artificial “close by” dates and concerns regarding their “free” offers. Yet it is not clear which company they … Continue reading

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Another company caught trying to cheat the system!

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We like catching out fake reviews, imagine reading the following review, from a Mr James…. I have to say this is a double glazing company unlike any other I have previously had quotes from!!! They took literally 10 minutes to … Continue reading

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Adding a simple logo has increased traffic massively for one company


Barnet Windows Ltd have been a fans of the site since it started, but visitor numbers and enquiries have shot up since they added a link from their web site to DGC. In December their web site guys added a … Continue reading

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Reviews pay dividends

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We all use TripAdvisor to check out the hotel or holiday resort. We know the brochure should tell the truth but we still like to get, unbiased independent comments from people who have stayed there or eaten a meal and … Continue reading

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Avoid negative reviews, ask your fitters to take their own tea and coffee!

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Feed back comes in many forms and is sometimes completely different from what you’d expect and at first they may be negative or difficult to see a positive benefit from them. For instance, it’s a given that if fitters are working on … Continue reading

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Google changed their priorities, so we’re offering you a chance to win an Ipad

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Have you checked your web site performance recently? At the end of September Google released an update that removed the advantage for having an exact match domain name. Many sites have seen traffic reduce massively since the 29th Sept. In essence they … Continue reading

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Another company caught, seeking to mislead by posting fake reviews!

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Our aims at Doubleglazingcompanies.com are simple, to provide a comparison website so that companies with good reputations can display their accreditations and allow purchasers to check a few users reviews, before investing thousands of pounds in new home improvements, windows … Continue reading

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Can you tell if I am a cowboy?


If I were a Cowboy, would you spot me? Obviously if I arrived on horseback, wearing spurs and a big Stetson hat, you’ll probably spot me immediately, you’ll suspect I was a bit dodgy, but what if I wore smart … Continue reading

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Are “Which” investigating the Double Glazing industry again?

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A couple of years ago years, WHICH reporters used consumers to report their findings on the industry and the sales practises of some of the companies, some of whom offered huge discounts for signing on the night, others made statements … Continue reading

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Visitor stats increase, a promising start for 2012

double glazing installations growth

Visitor stats for the first week of 2012 are considerably higher than average, about double. This is great news for those companies who have enhanced entries on the site, as they are more likely to be seen and it’s a … Continue reading

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