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ASA Rule on misleading advertising but which company?

price of double glazing

The Advertising Standards Agency has investigated a company and decided it was guilty of breaches to the ASA codes. Specifically it had misleading advertising, artificial “close by” dates and concerns regarding their “free” offers. Yet it is not clear which company they … Continue reading

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FREE publicity for a competitors site, whatever next? comparewindowsanddoors.com

compare windows and doors

We received a comment against an item on the blog site recently, suggesting that readers of our site should try their site and get “A true compare prices site for the double glazing industry – without leaving any contact details”. On the … Continue reading

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How can I avoid rogue salespeople in double glazing?


Well firstly, the industry has improved immensely over the years. In the 70’s and 80’s commission only sales people were the norm, slick, well polished and well rehearsed spiel, answers to every objection you could think of. Being self employed … Continue reading

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Triple glazing now listed

triple glazing

New Category Launched: Triple Glazing Installers There is much industry debate about triple glazing right now, so in response we’ve added triple glazing as a new product field, so companies that offer triple glazing as well as double glazing, can … Continue reading

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Established since, Trading since, Incorporated….do you know the difference?

Marketing is all about emphasising the good and being perhaps a little conservative with the truth. But misdirection is untruthful, its lying. Many double glazing companies claim they have been trading for years, they were established 30 years ago and yet … Continue reading

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Online Double Glazing Pricing – Beware

price of double glazing

Be aware, the first question most internet sites ask for is your personal details, address, post code, phone number, why……because once they capture it, they sell it as a lead to registered companies, or a number of registered companies.

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