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Gas price increase, partially reduced by 3.3%


Emily Gosden the Energy Editor for the Telegraph last week wrote about Scottish Power preparing to reduce its tariffs by 3.3% suggesting the 2.2m customers on dual fuel will see their annual bills reduced  by £40 pa. This will still leave these customers paying … Continue reading

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52% want double glazing as EST extend their labelling and Verification Schemes


Introduced in 2000 for the past 12 years The Energy Saving Trust has been running its recommendation scheme (ESTr) and today it has announced it is extending labelling and verification services in readiness for the government’s Green Deal scheme (which some say … Continue reading

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Sign the petition to “Cut the VAT” on Energy Efficient, Home Improvements


For years, the double glazing industry and the general population of this country, has been disadvantaged, paying 4 times more VAT (20%) for Energy Efficient home improvements, when most other energy efficient products (light bulbs, loft insulation and cavity wall … Continue reading

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UK could see 6.6m households in fuel poverty


The Energy Savings Trust today issued a press release saying, The UK could see 6.6 million households in fuel poverty as soon as September if the remaining two energy companies put up their prices, National Energy Action predicts. This is … Continue reading

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