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Green Deal Consultation……interesting debates, deadline looms.


The Government issued their Green Deal consultation papers for industry to comment upon on 23rd November, some 238 pages plus over 1500 other pages in associated documents! All this has to be read, understood, evaluated and written replies submitted by January … Continue reading

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Government Launches consultation documents for its Green Deal


The Government today released the consultation documents for its Green Deal scheme for industry to comment upon. The plan suggests that property owners (landlords and private homeowners) could get funding towards energy efficient improvements, so that their heating costs (and carbon … Continue reading

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Sign the petition to “Cut the VAT” on Energy Efficient, Home Improvements


For years, the double glazing industry and the general population of this country, has been disadvantaged, paying 4 times more VAT (20%) for Energy Efficient home improvements, when most other energy efficient products (light bulbs, loft insulation and cavity wall … Continue reading

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117% increase in Dual Fuel Bills since 2004, just how high will they go?


The FT reports today that dual fuel bills have more than doubled since 2004. Read the article here http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/7cfac732-f34a-11e0-b11b-00144feab49a.html#ixzz1b8Lhj3kL So if this trend continues to double every 7 years double glazing that saves energy and reduced consumption (and therefore energy bills) … Continue reading

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Energy Savings Week, 24th-28th October. EST promotes energy efficient double glazing.


The 24th-28th of October marks Energy Savings Week. In it’s 15th year now the Energy Savings Trust are again promoting energy savings companies and the products they make, to reduce the nations energy consumption, and so as a homeowner, you … Continue reading

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As winter arrives……


Let’s enjoy every last hour of sunshine as summer slips away into the coolness of autumn, the sharpness of early mornings and crystal clear nights. Households across the country will be starting the boiler, calling the plumber and discussing ways … Continue reading

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Are Costs and Red Tape going to scupper the Green Deal?


The government via DECC, wants to encourage home owners to insulate their homes. Grants, handouts or interest free loans would all be vote winners come the next election, but they have no money to pay for it, the coffers are empty and besides they have yet … Continue reading

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UK could see 6.6m households in fuel poverty


The Energy Savings Trust today issued a press release saying, The UK could see 6.6 million households in fuel poverty as soon as September if the remaining two energy companies put up their prices, National Energy Action predicts. This is … Continue reading

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