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How to stay cool this summer


Now that summer has arrived, although it feels like autumn, you will soon face those balmy nights wishing you knew how to stay cool this summer. Most homes have had some sort of double glazing fitted, much of it inappropriate because … Continue reading

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How to stay warmer this winter, without double glazing.


I don’t have double glazing. How can I stay warm in winter? Regardless of the type, style or age of your home, knowing how to stay warmer this winter is vital. Winter winds and cold blasts of air from Russia … Continue reading

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Gas price increase, partially reduced by 3.3%


Emily Gosden the Energy Editor for the Telegraph last week wrote about Scottish Power preparing to reduce its tariffs by 3.3% suggesting the 2.2m customers on dual fuel will see their annual bills reduced  by £40 pa. This will still leave these customers paying … Continue reading

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Consequential Improvements, case lost in the High Court


Reports in Green Wise yesterday reported that ACE, the Conservation of Energy alliance who represents insulation and heating companies, lost its legal challenge with the government. ACE wanted a judicial review because they felt the government had changed their policy … Continue reading

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The best video to explain window energy ratings


WER’s have been arround for many years now but confusion reins about which is best, a low U value or a high WER, whats the difference anyway? Well Planitherm in conjunction with Anglian Windows have had a video produced to … Continue reading

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Barker now admits Green Deal “wont guarantee savings for homeowners”


According to a report in Energy Live News, Gregg Barker the minister promoting DECCs Green Deal policy, has now admitted that savings cannot be guaranteed. Originally his comments were that “savings will be equal to or more than, the cost … Continue reading

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Green Deal gets bad press from the Daily Mail, Which magazine issue warnings, minister heckled!


In the Daily Mail,  James Slack and Tamara Cohen write to advise readers of the perils that face homeowners wishing to improve their homes, when changing boilers, windows or having a new conservatory built. The consultation was met with stiff opposition in … Continue reading

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Hoteliers in North Wales facing retrospective planning issues.

Article 4 directives

According to Chris Dearden for BBC Wales News on 28th Feb, hoteliers in the North Wales town of Llandudno are facing the prospect of having to replace windows, (previously replaced) because they didn’t have permission! Retrospective planning issues are a huge concern … Continue reading

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Green Deal Deadline fast approaching


The government consultation period is fast approaching it’s closing date of January18th. Submissions must be made by 4pm on the day. Any company can contribute, although most will use the services of their trade body or association like the GGF … Continue reading

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Essex terraced house gets “superhome” status


The Ashden Sustainable Energy Academy (now known as Ashden) recently assessed a 100-year old terraced house in Essex, and the owner has changed it from a dark and dingy inefficient Victorian property, into delightful open-plan home with a very low carbon footprint.

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