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Aluminium or uPVC – making the right choice for you


Should you choose aluminium frames for your new windows (or doors), or is uPVC a better option? It’s not always a straightforward choice, so you’ll need to consider the following when selecting the best material for your home. Just Windows … Continue reading

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Condensation, explained, again.


Condensation, explained, again. Seems every year about this time, we get interested in condensation or at least the causes of it. Ray Rabett the technical director of Masterframe Windows ltd wrote the following article to explain what condensation is, how it … Continue reading

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Double glazing is a must have with todays buyers

window frame

Double glazing, a must for home owners, according to a new study. It seems double glazing is a must have for home owners or those looking to buy properties. Energy efficient windows are the second most important feature after central … Continue reading

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Just how old is double glazing ?

window frame

If you have every wondered just how old double glazing is then you may be interested in this article. Today the term Double Glazing is synonymous with cheap, shoddy, imitation windows that have blighted our housing stock. Because of this devastation … Continue reading

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Swiss nationals fined for having single glazing


How would you feel if the government announced that you had until January 2016 to install double glazing, or faced a fine for having single glazing? well that precisely what faces the residence of Geneva. According to an article all homeowners … Continue reading

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Edgetech to host a debate about Triple Glazing

triple glazing

Which is best, Triple or Double Glazing Edgetech a GGF member has decided to host an industry debate about triple glazing on Thursday 10 April 2014 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.As we celebrate 150 years of double glazing since Thomas Stetson … Continue reading

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Gas price increase, partially reduced by 3.3%


Emily Gosden the Energy Editor for the Telegraph last week wrote about Scottish Power preparing to reduce its tariffs by 3.3% suggesting the 2.2m customers on dual fuel will see their annual bills reduced  by £40 pa. This will still leave these customers paying … Continue reading

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Mayor now calls for an amnesty for hoteliers in LLandudno

Article 4 directives

Further to our earlier blogs on this subject it seems the council have refused a butcher permission to replace his windows in Llandudno. According to reports in South Wales Guardian, Hugh Evans, of Rhosmaen Street wanted to replace his sash … Continue reading

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BFRC and Certass create confusion with different A ratings


The BFRC and Certass have each created a new level of window energy rating for products that exceed zero, i.e. they are energy positive and better than A . Because marketing and sales people like to claim their product is the best … Continue reading

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‘Aggressive’ window salesman jailed for agressive pressure selling


According to a press release on trading standards web site “A rogue window salesman who targeted elderly people on their own doorsteps by aggressively pressuring them into agreeing to have work done has been jailed”. The article says that Ismail … Continue reading

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