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ASA Rule on misleading advertising but which company?

price of double glazing

The Advertising Standards Agency has investigated a company and decided it was guilty of breaches to the ASA codes. Specifically it had misleading advertising, artificial “close by” dates and concerns regarding their “free” offers. Yet it is not clear which company they … Continue reading

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As BFRC launches A+ windows, the ASA uphold a complaint against Everest


Gl@zine reported that BFRC, the British Fenestration Ratings Council has officially launched a new ‘A+’ band at the top of its energy efficiency scale for Window Energy Ratings (WERs). Previously, an A rated window was anything greater than 0zero, a … Continue reading

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ASA consider Conservatory Outlets testimonials misleading


According to the ASA web site, Conservatory Outlet Ltd were asked by the ASA to verify testimonials used in their advertising on the Internet as several seemed to be the same with very slight amendments. The ASA upheld the complaint finding the … Continue reading

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ASA change rules for comparison web sites


As from February 2013, the Advertising Standards Agency changed two of it’s rules on statements made about comparison prices. Previously comparisons could only be made for products and services that were ” identical or substantially equivalent to” another. The CAP and BCAP have … Continue reading

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Everest advert misleading

ideal home show

The ASA (advertising standards agency) today confirmed that they upheld a complaint that a recent TV ad for Everest was misleading. In the advert which features a number of products, doors, windows and a conservatory they display a guarantee that said, “Lifetime guarantee” … Continue reading

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ASA uphold complaint against Armour Windows

price of double glazing

The Advertising Standards Agency has published its finding about a double glazing company. true it was only one person who complained and true the ASA only upheld one aspect of the complaint, the three other aspects were not upheld. From … Continue reading

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ASA find company guilty of misleading claims about energy grants for double glazing


The Advertising Standards Agency recently found a company guilty of misleading advertisement. It is alleged that Energy Efficient Windows and Conservatories Ltd (EEWC) from Middlesbrough, placed an advertisement for the “Energy Saving Fund” (ESF) from Warrington in Cheshire, which suggested … Continue reading

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