Company caught adding reviews about themselves

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Another company has been caught adding a review about themselves. We wont shame them as often companies are simply testing the system to ensure the review system actually works and is simple to use. However whilst no system is ever fool proof (certainly not to users who lie) we do have systems in place to check reviews and do aim to ensure they are genuine.

Last week we had a lady requesting help. Like so many she didn’t want to leave a bad review against  a particular company, she just wanted the damage the contractor had caused to be rectified.

Obviously we explained that being a micro enterprise, we are unable to answer many emails but we did speak to her and guided her towards a solution.

She had read reviews on the web site of the company itself, however she didn’t realise they didn’t publish negative ones very often!

However she did explain that she thought that companies listed on DGC, were all approved by DGC in some way. This is not the case. Whilst DGC is open to every company in the UK to promote their business (the basic listing is FOC) anyone thinking of employing a company must read the reviews and check for themselves that the accreditations they claim to have are still current.

Unlike other review sites, we don’t allow advertising of any kind, we don’t have any sponsors links, pay per clicks or kick backs from lead generation, what’s more, it is your reviews (and ONLY your reviews) that drive the positioning of any company.

We ask for reviewers name and contact details along with confirmation of work done (this may require proof of purchase) before a review is posted, however again reviews cannot be squashed or delayed from publication, which some review systems promote, preventing unhappy users from getting their reviews actually published.

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