Companies and reviews listed on this web site are unique

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Dear Reader,

The companies and reviews listed on this web site are unique on the web. They are independent and the companies are not forced to pay us anything just to appear (they can appear for free), something which often happens on many comparison web sites. Often these sites simply capture your name, and then sell it onto windows companies as a “lead”.

Companies are free to write their own introduction but the review process is completely unbiased, only users can write reviews, and everyone gets published in some form (unless they are defamatory or litigious), we simply display the results , as voted for by users, there aren’t any “featured companies” or “special promotions”

We’ve even gone an extra step, in that we monitor suspicious behaviour too.

We have caught out companies that tried to add several “reviews” from the same IP address or several reviews against a number of companies (their competitors). Nothing in this world if 100% fool proof, however we do take the review process seriously and monitor our site, regularly.

For that reason, you can be assured that every effort has been taken to monitor the authenticity of these reviews, even having comments from the companies themselves

If you have a question about the our site or the reviews please email

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