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Swiss nationals fined for having single glazing


How would you feel if the government announced that you had until January 2016 to install double glazing, or faced a fine for having single glazing?

well that precisely what faces the residence of Geneva.

According to an article all homeowners in Geneva that still have single glazing in their homes at the end of January 2016 will be fined, even aluminium windows that lack a thermal break will be fined. There are some 20,000 properties that are in need of an upgrade.

The report suggests that the upgrade will save the city 15% in lost energy however as many are elderly they will pay the fines rather than comply as they simply cannot afford the upgrades. With such a sudden edict it will be a bonus for local window installation companies.


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Burglar caught in police sting operation

burglar break in

The Daily Mail reports that the police in Newcastle have arrested a burglar in a s sting operation after the thief opened a wooden sash window and broke into the house, to steal a laptop.

Police arrested the 44 year old having seen the video footage which shows him opening the window and gaining access to steal the computer, follow the link to see the video footage.

Most thieves are opportunists, if they see an open window or one left slightly ajar they will take advantage, however if you want to deter burglars, ensure your new windows have secured by design (SBD) the preferred security standard of the Police.

Read the full report here



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ASA published new Adviceonline article


Yesterday the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) published a new AdviceOnline article giving advice to vloggers and brands seeking to market via vlogs about how to comply with the requirements of the CAP Code.

As their web site says they, “have had guidance available on Video blogs since November 2014, but based on enquiries to Copy Advice and the nature of complaints received by the ASA, they decided that more detail was necessary”.

For all advertisers, regardless of product or service offered, adverts have to be fair, decent honest and true. The enthusiasm of marketers seeking to stretch the benefits must be held back otherwise consumers distrust the advert and every advertiser then gets smeared.

Read their full article here



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Salesman forgot to declare his income gets suspended sentence


The Exeter Express and Echo today report that a homeless person who changed their life around for the better, working for a double glazing company as a salesman forgot to declare his income and has avoided paying income tax or national insurance for 5 years. He has now been fined £20,000.

Anthony Jenkins aged 60 owed £111,046 and is now repaying it at the rate of £500 a week having had a 12 month jail sentence suspended for two years at Exeter Crown Court.

Sadly it seems that “Jenkins had been bankrupt and destitute when he met a director of the firm who gave him the chance to get back on his feet”.

To his credit he has already paid the revenue £98,618

Read the full article here


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Traditional Windows win the Highest Customer Satisfaction Award

Traditional Windows Double Glazing Award

Earlier in the year we are proud to announce our first winner of the Double Glazing Awards.

The award for highest customer satisfaction goes to Jimmy Deane, his wife Debbie and everyone associated with Traditional Windows.

Traditional Windows have gone above and beyond and their customers have ranked them with the highest average, virtually 100%, because of their 41 reviewers just one scored them at 4.5, each of the others scored them a maximum 5 out of 5. Based in Hornchurch, Traditional Windows have more than 30 years of experience in the double glazing industry looking after East London and Essex. 

With over 30 years experience in the home improvement industry and the support of a highly trained and friendly staff, it did not take long for Traditional Windows to establish itself as one of the most respected home improvement companies in the South East of England.

With great customer service like this, their business will grow from strength to strength. is the UK’s largest independent review directory of double glazing companies for the double glazing industry, providing feedback for homeowners to find local companies 




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Are you looking for new doors, windows or a conservatory

window frame

Are you looking for new doors, windows or a conservatory , do you want to get prices from reputable companies and find user reviews from fellow homeowners?  If so, then this site is for you, it’ll help you just as it has for hundreds of homeowners in the past two years.

This site is here to help you understand the differences between double glazing installers, network or national replacement window companies, and manufacturers.

It will assist you way before you ever have to see a salesperson, it will arm you with great tips and advice and enable you to check out the claims being made  with the accredited bodies, to ensure and satisfy yourself that their claims are true and to see how others faired when they used their services and understand the new consumer rights that you have.

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Boss of rogue double glazing firm jailed for fleecing pensioners


David Lodge, head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards is delighted that the boss of a rogue double glazing firm has been jailed recently.

Boss of Rouge Double Glazing Firm Sentenced to 26 Months in Prison

Mark Stanford, reported that  Andrew Roberton of Alred Court, East Bowling, Bradford, targeted the elderly for more than two years. Roberton traded under AJR Home Improvements, was jailed for 26 months after he pleaded guilty to 19 offences.

He also claimed to be part of Pilkington’s registered installer scheme, that work was guaranteed, but these were never received by his customers. and he failed to provide cancellation rights or refunds of cancelled contract Leeds Crown Court was told

Seems that he has previously worked for other companies and in 2012, had been jailed for similar offences, using the name SAS Roofline.

The judge sentenced him for 26 months

David Lodge is reported to have said that “Doorstep crime remains a very high priority for the service and let this sentence be a warning to other rogue traders.”

Read the full article here

How can you avoid being ripped off? Well the best advice is that you don’t take anything at face value, do your own checks. Our site helps you find local companies, the company house tabs tells you if the are still trading or changed their name recently, the reviews help you decide if their standard of workmanship is appropriate for your needs. Then read up on your rights, you have different rights depending if you bought windows in your home or over the internet, find out about your cancellation rights, you may have a year to cancel the contract after the windows have been installed!

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