Awards for the best window installers in the UK


We are delighted to announce our awards for the best window installers in the UK, based upon independent comments and user reviews.

The First Annual Double Glazing Awards

It is the first time these annual Double Glazing Awards. Mention “double glazing” to most people and there’s a deep sigh as the industry has been blighted with unprofessional sales people, shoddy products and worthless guarantees in the past.

With so many review websites only publishing good reviews (because they don’t wish to upset their income stream by allowing bad reviews), it’s nothing short of astonishing that the winners have amassed such excellent scores and complimentary comments.

There are three categories, so we reviewed all companies on and contacted some of the reviewers direct, as we needed to verify that their comments were really that good.

The reviews were exceptional, and from more than 200 testimonials, there were only 4 reviews with scores less than 4 out of 5 the vast majority scored 4.5 or 5.

We will announce the winners next week, but they have proven themselves to be offering excellent customer service and setting the industry standards for others to follow.


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