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Are the January sales the best time to buy Double Glazing?

price of double glazing

With January sales starting ever earlier each year and time limited offers like 50% off, BOGOF (buy one get one free) or pay for fronts get the back ones free, is January the best time to buy double glazing?

Not necessarily.

Think about it, everyone is facing the same cold wintry conditions so it is only natural that we consider the cost of heating (as the hum of the heating system as it burns money as radiators pump away) and the amount we could save, if we invested in new, energy efficient,  windows.

Supply and demand suggests that if demand is high, so too are the costs. There may be offers on during the January sales, but companies are not usually short of business whilst it is cold, what’s more, those companies who also operate in the social housing or council refurbishment works find themselves really busy, under pressure to manufacture and install windows before the April funding budget is lost.

Obviously there’s no harm starting the process now, getting quotes and visiting showrooms, but you may find that companies are less busy (and therefore more willing to offer a discount) later in the year.

Don’t forget to ask what discounts are available.

Sometimes, you’ll find companies are genuinely prepared to offer discounts if your home is used in marketing, photos or showing others in your area etc, but do ask first because sales people have been known to agree to some random discount just because you suggested something (I’ve heard of a salesman offering a Police discount when one didn’t exist, but only if the order is placed there and then).

On the whole the industry has moved away from the “sign on the night brigade”, but some still pressurise customers into booking the deal there and then. Most decent companies are pleased to confirm their best prices in writing, that way you’ll see exactly the products you are considering. You’ll also have the chance to check online reviews on our site, the accreditations the company is claiming to have and the date the company was formed by using the “companies house” tab.

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100 independent customer reviews, 99% recommend Barnet Windows

barnet window company logo

Barnet Windows Ltd are the first double glazing company to reach 100 independent customer reviews, 99 of whom, recommend Barnet to friends and family, that an astonishing satisfaction rate, 99%  of the respondents were so pleased they were prepared to write a review.

Barnet Windows are a proper family business. Located just north of the M25 the whole family is involved so there’s no hiding place, they eat, breathe and talk doors, windows and conservatories, 24/7!

Headed up by John Rose the proud patriarch who focusses mainly on the Conservatory side of their business, with his son Tommy Rose doing the bulk of the consultation work, guiding retail clients (they don’t have customers) through a range of options designed to harmonise with their home so well, that often the replacement windows go unnoticed!

Abigail, Johns daughter, and her husband Paul Cooper, are a team in every sense. Abigail is the linchpin of the business, she is the central point of contact ensuring orders are processed, chased and installed on time, but she particularly enjoys designing lead layouts. Paul meanwhile, keeps on top of the accounts, post-installation inspections and registration of installations.

Andy, Kim, Chris, David, Spencer and Ian have numerous NVQ certificates of competence between them, each are proud craftsmen who take pride in their work.

With so many good people working for Barnet Windows, is it any wonder that they encourage clients to leave honest feedback on review web sites like ours?

Being one of the early adopters of DGC, they have enjoyed the benefits of gold membership since the outset, including the automated review invite facility and posting their accreditations.

Congratulations to the team at Barnet, they are a delight to work with and really try to exceed client expectations. Well done!


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