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Dishonest double glazing salesman jailed

conservatory with sofa

According to reports in the Exeter Express and Echo, Jason Smith, a 31 year old double glazing salesman for a local glazing company, was given a 9 month jail term having plead guilty of not paying his tax.

Smith, employed as a double glazing salesman and canvasser for a local firm failed to pay or declare his earning, saving himself a whooping £47,574 in Income Tax. It seems he was paid over £195,000 in commission over 5 years (Feb 2008 to April 2013) but failed to declare his earnings.

Unfortunately cases like these suggest the industry still has work to do, but thankfully cases such as this one are few and far between. With IBG’s (Insurance Backed Guarantees) becoming mandatory, with MTC (Minimum Technical Compliance) being introduced to ensure only CP (competent Persons) are able to fit windows, the industry has shaken off much of its “dodgy” past. Greed however remains a human trait regardless of profession.

The article also mentions that Colin Spinks, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, HMRC, said: “Smith stole £47,000 from public finances and would probably have continued his fraud had HMRC officers not stopped him. Our message is clear – we will always investigate people suspected of tax fraud. We ask anyone with information about this type of crime to contact the Tax Fraud Hotline on 0800 788 887.”

His Honour Judge Carr, said: “You continued to receive your salary knowing that no tax had been paid. You were thoroughly dishonest.”

HMRC will seek to recover the money through civil processes

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Our systems prevents false reviews

review not posted

When someone reviews a company, for security, our software has been built to detect certain patterns, highlighting any dubious reviews or reviewer credentials, thus avoiding false reviews being published.

This week we uncovered a “reviewer” slagging off several other companies. As very few people have windows and doors installed by more than one or perhaps two companies, recent reviews triggered an alert.

The person didn’t leave his correct email address, therefore our confirmation email bounced thus the system was unable to publish the review. Additionally the reviewer left a false phone number 01234 123456!

Positive reviews are difficult enough to come by, so preventing false, negative reviews, has to provide help and reassurance to installers and their customers who may be affected by them.

We also have systems to prevent multiple positive reviews too!


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TrustMark has the tools



TrustMark has the tools for homeowners & tradesmen to build relationships

As thousands of homeowners are taking advantage of reformed planning laws to extend their homes, TrustMark, the Government endorsed quality mark for tradesmen, is providing advice and tools to help homeowners and tradesmen to build and maintain a strong working relationship.

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “When embarking on any building project of this size, homeowners must be particularly well informed.  The relationship between customer and builder becomes critical – these are not quick or cheap jobs to undertake. TrustMark has the tools in place already to help both consumers and tradesmen have a better conversation, to ask all the right questions and to keep a record of what they have agreed.

“TrustMark’s ‘Talk to your tradesman’ app helps improve communications as well as ensuring any misunderstandings are avoided from day on.   It is a vital means to get people started on any home repair, maintenance and improvement job and enables homeowners to have more confident conversations with a tradesman before they accept a quote for work to be done in or around their home.

“We would always advise anyone considering building an extension, conservatory, loft conversion or other major building work to use a contract with their tradesmen.  But if you’re not intending to draw up a proper contract when the job goes ahead, the app is probably the next best thing as it acts as a safeguard for both parties involved as it will be a useful record of what has been previously discussed and agreed.”

All TrustMark firms’ technical skills have been independently checked through on-site inspections to ensure a high quality of workmanship and trading practices.  TrustMark is the only scheme that requires qualified inspectors to do these visits, so that technical competence is checked as well as business practices and customer satisfaction.

For further information on TrustMark visit  To download the free app, visit



Issued on behalf of TrustMark – For further information, please contact:

Georgina Watkins, Tel: 07595 158460, Email:

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Anglian launches Triple Glazing

triple glazing

Anglian have today issued the following press release, announcing homeowners can now have triple glazing.

Tomorrows world presenter Philippa Forrester will be presenting their technology at Grand designs Live in Birmingham (9th-12th October) The press release reads……. 

1 October 2014

The launch of Anglian Home Improvements’ new high-tech triple glazed windows will provide greater choice and flexibility for the UK’s homeowners, enabling them to fit triple glazing only where it’s really needed.

Specially designed to be warmer, quieter and safer, Anglian triple glazing is the perfect solution for rooms that need added insulation, such as north-facing rooms that rarely get any sunlight. It has been designed to look the same as Anglian’s double glazed windows, meaning homeowners can now choose to install triple only where they will really benefit from it yet still get perfectly matched windows, retaining the aesthetics and integrity of the home.

Anglian’s triple glazed windows have an extra pane of Low E glass – an invisible metal coating that enables the windows to harvest more free energy from the sun and reflect heat back into the room. The added warmth retained within the property can help to keep energy bills down and reduce the home’s carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the extra pane of glass reduces outside noise and makes the window harder to break, bringing greater security to the home.

As part of the product development process, the company has invested around GBP 1million in a new state-of-the-art production line which has been installed at its factory in Norwich where it manufactures a wide range of home improvement products. The new production line includes a highly sensitive scanner that will detect even the smallest imperfection in the glass, rejecting any glass that isn’t faultless, as well as a pioneering system for filling the glazing units with argon gas using robotic assembly in a compression chamber in order to seal them perfectly.

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Anglian Home Improvements, says, “We are really excited about the launch of Anglian’s new triple glazed windows and have invested heavily in the research and technology required to be able to make sure we can give homeowners exactly the right solution for their homes.

“The truth is that homeowners in this country don’t generally need triple glazing throughout their properties as the UK climate is relatively mild. However, most of us have one or two rooms that would benefit from an extra layer of insulation to help retain heat, reduce outside noise or improve security, and this is where Anglian’s triple glazing product comes into play. Different rooms have different needs and now, thanks to Anglian’s new triple glazing windows and our ‘mix and match’ design approach, we are able to find the ideal solution for each individual homeowner, on a room by room basis, making their homes more enjoyable all year round.”

Recent research by Anglian Home Improvements found that 15 per cent of UK homeowners had a preference for triple glazing over other window options. While 53 per cent of respondents said their main reason for buying double or triple glazing would be to reduce heating bills, a further 45 per cent said it would be to make their home warmer and 23 per cent said their motivation would be to make their home quieter.

Martin Troughton continues, “It is interesting to note that we’ve seen a steady increase in interest from homeowners in triple glazing, yet this still only equates to 15 per cent of the UK population wishing to invest in this technology. While some will undoubtedly benefit from upgrading their windows to triple glazing, many will find they can achieve equally good, if not better, results from installing the latest A+ rated double glazing in their homes. It really is a matter of ‘horses for courses’, with each room being assessed individually based on whether they would benefit from things like extra warmth, reduced noise levels or added security.”

Established in 1966, Anglian Home Improvements is the UK’s leading home improvements company and has recently been awarded ‘Made in Britain’ accreditation, recognising that it manufactures its home improvement products in the UK. Its PVCU casement and ‘tilt and turn’ windows are also approved by Secured by Design (SBD). Owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), SBD approves products that meet recognised quality standards to help customers identify products that are designed with security in mind.

To find out more about Anglian Triple Glazing, including practical videos that explain the technology behind them and tips on where they will provide the most benefit, visit

For further information please contact:

Melanie McDonald at Anglian Home Improvements
01603 405911

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