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The ASA remind double glazing bloggers about advert rules

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The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) ensures that advertisers, who promote their goods and services in the media, adverts, TV ads, newspapers and the internet, do so in good taste and without misleading claims.

Whilst most double glazing companies know they should write truthful copy, marketing departments sometimes over state the benefits or understate the cost so that they appear better than their competitors, however, very few bloggers appreciate that they too must comply with the same rules, if they are being employed to write an article for a website blog.

Towards the end of last year the ASA  reminded bloggers about when and how the advertising rules apply to them.

In short, the ASA requires bloggers who are paid (directly or in kind) by a third party to write reviews or comments about a product or service and who cede editorial control of the blog to that third party to be up-front with their followers by making clear that it’s advertising.

These rules also apply to companies; so, any business or PR agency looking to promote products and services by entering into commercial relationships with bloggers should also be aware of them.

We’ve provided greater clarity to  bloggers or brands who are looking to enter into commercial relationships in a useful Q&A.

Read the Q&A in full

This article was written by CAP Advice and Training and has been shared by us to help you understand the regulations regarding blogging. To find out more contact them direct on

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Comparing prices with your competitors?

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Planning on making a price comparison with another marketer’s price?

Did you know that for a “lowest price” or “cheapest” claim to be acceptable you would need to ensure that you have an appropriate price monitoring and adjustment policy to ensure that you will always provide the lowest price, compared to your competitors?

This Insight will provide a great starting point for getting your price comparisons right.

Read the article in full

The above article was written by CAP Advice and Training and is shared by us to help you comply with advertising regulations. You can follow more of their advice by contacting them direct on

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