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Edgetech to host a debate about Triple Glazing

triple glazing
Which is best, Triple or Double Glazing
Edgetech a GGF member has decided to host an industry debate about triple glazing on Thursday 10 April 2014 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.As we celebrate 150 years of double glazing since Thomas Stetson (1865) first patented two layers of glass sandwiched together with rope and bitumen to hold them together, many are asking if triple glazing is the next logical step.Clearly its a salesman’s dream, “we’ll give you three sheets of glass for the price of two”, however there are some important questions to be asked (and answered) if there is to be an honest debate.What the industry needs is agreement on factual information, not spin from one vested interest or other.  That’s why it is important for the GGF to participate as they are neutral in this regard, being open for any material or component producer to join. The GGF will be offering support on technical, political and health and safety aspects.

I know from experience that statistics will be flying around and the debate is likely to widen the ravine between WER advocates and U value only supporters. I recall sitting in the Energy Savings Trust offices with Pilkington’s representative extolling the virtues of triple glazing and verified calculations of masterframe that triple glazing reduces an “A” rated sash window to a “D” rated product.

When papers were compared after the event, it seemed both parties were right, it just depends where each starts from!

Edgetech have a website to book tickets for the event or add to the discussion, don’t forget to have your say, tell us what you think about triple glazing.



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Company logos now displayed on all reviews.

double glazing companies widget

Over Christmas we’ve added extra functionality for silver and gold members, making their company pages and reviews stand out even more.

Now, whenever a review is left, a company logo is automatically displayed on the main home page of the web site and against the review itself, so that your company image is more prominent.

More companies than ever, now understand retail customers do not trust, “own site” testimonials. Whilst they may be genuine feedback from happy customers, because companies themselves control their publication, retail customers don’t value them as independent reviews, believing most have been made up!

Genuine independent review web sites however, where past customers can say in their own words, (unaltered) carry far more importance, that’s why the top three companies promote to their customers and use the site to demonstrate to prospective customers that they have nothing to worry about, they are in safe hands.

Powerful, effective endorsement of a companies reputation for everyone to see.

The best three double glazing companies in the UK at the end of 2013 were Traditional Windows of Romford, Bygone Installations Essex of Chelmsford and Barnet Window Company. Congratulations to each of them and thank you to everyone promoting to their customers.

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Gas price increase, partially reduced by 3.3%


Emily Gosden the Energy Editor for the Telegraph last week wrote about Scottish Power preparing to reduce its tariffs by 3.3% suggesting the 2.2m customers on dual fuel will see their annual bills reduced  by £40 pa.

This will still leave these customers paying £1235 every year, substantially higher than a few years ago, yet actual consumption is down 18%. This is a continuous trend with an annual gas price increase to be expected.

Ministers seeking any justification for the failed Green Deal that was due to deliver massive opportunities for hundreds of thousands of properties, say that this shows energy efficient measures are working.

Others suggest the reason is far simpler, homeowners have simply cut back their usage because it is unaffordable or the milder (albeit very wet) weather has cut demand. Whatever the reason, the cost of providing warmth for homeowners has never been higher so any reduction is welcome but the window industry has seen a surge in orders, driven in part by a desire to reduce heating costs.

While everything loses some heat, modern “A rated” windows are energy neutral, even energy positive when calculated over the normal annual heating cycle as they are better at capturing spring and autumn warmth when the sun is low in the sky and trapping it inside the room, than either single or recent, double glazing.

Currently building regulations require WER (a window energy rating) of “C rated” or better, whereas EST (energy savings trust) can only recommend the top 20% of windows, hence they’ll only recommend A rated windows.

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Safestyle get listed on stock exchange


According to reports in the Yorkshire Post business section, H.P.A.S. Limited better known as the double glazing company Safestyle is included in the 105 companies to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange in 2013, a record since 2007.

Read the full article here



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