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Another company caught trying to cheat the system!

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We like catching out fake reviews, imagine reading the following review, from a Mr James….

I have to say this is a double glazing company unlike any other I have previously had quotes from!!! They took literally 10 minutes to measure up my windows, listened to what I wanted to have done & advised accordingly…… Then the best bit…… They left without giving a price or the usual sales pitch…… Quotation was emailed over to me within 2 hours!!! Honest pricing, no sales tactics, no pressure and to top it all off…… Perfect installation!!!!!! Would recommend to anyone & everyone. Absolute pleasure to deal with xxxxx !!! Thanks guys!!!!

Great company right?

Well maybe they are a great double glazing company and maybe these are the words that a customer genuinely wrote about them but our checks spotted they were fake, mainly because a second review, for the same company, was posted from the same IP address, just 8 minutes later! What’s more, the second review for Mr Myers is identical to this review, EVERY word is the same!!!!!!

We haven’t mentioned the company here because like many companies they sometimes try to post reviews to prove the system works and occasionally don’t understand the rules, but we have warned them and are watching for fakers all the time.

If you have had dealings with any company, good or bad, then do share your views with others, that way people will find good companies with great reputations.

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