Green Deal likely to create two tier housing market.


Citizens of the Channel Islands have had a two tier housing sector for years, the cheaper local market and more expensive open market for newcomers to the channel islands.

Seems the Green Deal is now due to divide the rest of the mainland in a similar way, those who still have a Green Deal loan attached to the property and those which are free from any such loan.

Because a Green Deal loan is not a personal loan, it stays with the property until it is repaid by the tenant or homeowner. However in social housing, the landlords must pay any charges until the tenant has confirmed their acceptance of the repayments.

Despite many warnings by industry government has completely misread the UK public, of course people want something for nothing, who wouldn’t, its just this isn’t for nothing. Repayments could take 25 years to clear, onerous and expensive interest payments directed towards those least able to make the repayments.

Even when deals are confirmed  and energy savings measures installed, we are far more likely to shed a layer of clothes before we turn down the thermostat, so in effect, green deal is making our rooms more comfortable to live in, rather than reducing energy consumption.

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