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Are you looking for a free quote for new windows, double glazing or a conservatory ?

Would you like to find a list of reputable companies near you, read reviews from fellow homeowners and decide which is the best window installation company for your project?

Would you like to get a quote (or even lots of them) without having the hassle of seeing a salesman?

If so, you’ll find this site will help you, but firstly please understand that you have nothing to fear from this site. We promise we don’t try to capture your details nor do we ever sell any of your data to anyone, ever.

This site is has been built specifically to help retail customers like you, find companies with good reputations, so that you avoid rouges.

We help you understand industry acronyms, give you hints and advice so that you can think through your options, and help you make contact with them if you wish, its not our decision, it’s yours but we can help you with things like “my shortlist”.

We started this site, so that retail customers like you can compare companies in the double glazing industry, see what products and services they offer, what previous users thought of them, even the dates they started as a limited company.

It is designed so that you can check the accreditations they hold, the competent person’s schemes they are registered with and verify the claims they are making, well before you ever have to contact them.

If you like the sound of a company, you can select them on “my shortlist” (saving them to a favourites list). Once you have made your selection, you can send an email (to as many as you wish) inviting them to provide you with a written quotation. and better still, they won’t know that you’ve asked other companies, so they will get back to you quickly.

Because you directly invite companies that “fit your bill” (and with whom you feel comfortable) you are in total control of the process. ONLY those businesses that you select will know that you are wanting new windows, nobody else.

This service is free to you and free to the companies who receive your enquiry.

Your shortlist is your business, we cannot see it. When you send enquiries to companies*, they cannot see anyone else you may have sent it to. This means you will only be contacted by those companies on your shortlist, that you selected and that you wanted a quote from.

*We can only email those companies who have provided us with their email address.

Please be aware, there are dozens and dozens of web sites that are designed to capture your details, they ask you for your personal details and suggest they will find trusted local companies that they have vetted for you.

What actually happens is they sell that information onto any organisation prepared to buy it!

Only ever fill in a form if you trust a site completely. On this web site, you are in full control, your contact details are only required when you want someone to make contact with you.

Can you trust our 5 star ratings system?

Yes because again it’s driven by you. It is solely, previous customer reviews that are displayed, no company can pay extra to be displayed higher in the rankings, only your user reviews and the answers we get to a simple question, “would you recommend this company to a friend” yes or no.

We think that everyone is looking for a recommended company, one which has a good reputation, a company that looks after its customers (especially if things have gone a little wrong) or delivered exceptional service, products or value.

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee a hassle free outcome for you, feedback from you and other users will help prospective customers avoid disasters or being completely ripped off by less scrupulous, cowboy installers who set out to deceive, like this company…….

  1. Please read reviews left by fellow homeowners,
  2. Check the claims made by companies without them knowing,
  3. Satisfy yourself that they are what they seem,
  4. Then and only then add them to your shortlist.
  5. When you are ready for a quote, send an automated email to your selected companies.

Then recommend to your friends!

Thanks for reading.

Whilst we will try to help if we can, sadly we are unable to resolve complaints directly.

Email us here if you cannot find the company you are looking for or if we can help further.

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