Green deal door to door scams reported in Hackney

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Some of us have wanted to improve our industry, for too many years double glazing was the butt of jokes and slick high pressure selling tactics created a fear that every company was crooked, out to con customers and run away with their money.

Thankfully while some hang onto the days of selling on the night, most businesses are now happy to provide written quotes so that you have time to consider your options, no pressure to buy. IBG’s are now common place and being offered one is compulsory or standard so that deposits are safe. In short it’s a different experience to 30 years ago.

That’s why when stories start to circulate like this one written by Jaber Mohamed in This is Local London about salesmen who

falsely claiming to be from the authority who are offering energy efficiency assessments, after residents in Seven Sisters reported fake Green Deal advisors coming door-to-door touting for business in the area or callers claimed to be working on behalf of the council and tried to enter people’s homes to carry out assessments and then pressured people to commit to having energy efficiency works carried out.”


The government has created the opportunity for misrepresentation now which has spurned opportunists scams.


As they explain,

1. Green deal advisors conducting assessments organised by the council will only attend pre-booked appointments and will never enter someone’s home without prior arrangement.

2. Under the government-funded Green Deal scheme, only registered assessors, providers and installers are authorised to offer energy efficiency advice or carry out home improvement works financed by Green Deal.

3. An authorised advisor should carry proper identification and should never try to enter your home without being invited.

4. Assessments should also only ever be offered on a no-obligation basis – with no pressure to pay for follow-up work.

If you are in any doubt you can find out more at or contact the council’s housing retrofit officer Minka McInerney on 020 8489 3260.

Unfortunately, in all walks of life, there will be people who prey on the vulnerabilities of others, people will impersonate officials to con homeowners, but just as in double glazing these few rouges do not represent the green Deal nor the home improvement industry, yet they damage it for years.

Never entertain someone selling to you, ask them to visit you when you want them to come, take time to check their credentials, verify they are who they say they are and remember the better companies on this web site display their accreditations , so that you can check the claims being made are true.

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