Cavity Wall installations virtually wiped out!


According to figures from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, Melanie Hall reports in
the Telegraph
today that  “installations of cavity wall insulation were down by 97 per cent in April compared with the same month last year.”

There are similar reports in the Financial Times, Which and The National Landlords Association

Just 1,138 installations in April compared with nearly 50,000 in April 2012. OK last year there were different energy programmes (CESS and CERT) but Green Deal seems to have finished off this industry completely as we warned last year!

Despite 18,000 Green Deal assessments take up is painfully slow meanwhile fewer homes are being insulated, fewer employees are required and companies have spent thousands
becoming qualified to no avail, so the only winners so far are the producers of red tape!

Even the principal target or landlords fear that when a tenant leaves their property,
they must pick up the obligation to make repayments until the new tenant agrees
to take on the charges!

Time is running out for Green Deal to really work and other industries like double glazing are watching very carefully.

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