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Special offer, the FIT Show Promotion code ends 30th April

FIT show logo 2013

We exhibited at the FIT show, the Fabricator, Installer and Trade show in Telford last week, WOW great show, lots of you came to say hello in person, thank you, and lots of people who had never heard of DGC.

Two very quick updates.

Firstly please register you email address with us. We launched a new feature “My Shortlist”, without your email address you wont get a lead if you are selected. Don’t worry, its another FREE service we offer all our users, even if you are just bronze level. next time you look at your company page, a pop up will appear from the bottom. If a retail customer likes what they read about you, then they’ll select you via the pop up and try to email you an enquiry…..but ONLY if you have given us your email address.

Secondly, we introduced a PROMO code  for all visitors to the FIT show, we’ve decided to extend this 20% discount till the end of April so there’s great reasons to enhance your entry and really stand out from your competitors.****ENDED*****

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ASA consider Conservatory Outlets testimonials misleading


According to the ASA web site, Conservatory Outlet Ltd were asked by the ASA to verify testimonials used in their advertising on the Internet as several seemed to be the same with very slight amendments.

The ASA upheld the complaint finding the ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation), 3.45 and 3.48 (Endorsements and testimonials). They also instructed the ads must not appear again in their current form and told told the Conservatory Outlet to ensure all testimonials used in their advertising complied with the CAP Code, because

“we did not see documentary evidence that the testimonials were genuine or consumers who submitted them had given their permission for them to be used, we concluded the ad was misleading.”

Perhaps this is a warning to companies in the window industry. Whilst companies do get testimonials and recommendations direct from clients, many are creative, that’s why independent web sites like should be used. Users have to confirm theirs are genuine reviews and provide key personal information prior to reviews being published.

Leave your review for conservatory outlet ltd here

Read the full case here, 20 March 2013 Complaint Ref: A12-214975

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ASA change rules for comparison web sites


As from February 2013, the Advertising Standards Agency changed two of it’s rules on statements made about comparison prices.

Previously comparisons could only be made for products and services that were ” identical or substantially equivalent to” another. The CAP and BCAP have amended rule 3.39 of the UK Advertising Codes so that they can be compared if “they meet the same need or fulfill the same intended purpose”

The example they give is it is now possible to compare the price of your non-branded baked beans with a competitor’s price for premium branded baked beans. However, advertisers must make the basis of their comparison clear.

Additionally they have also changed the rules to allow claims with or without VAT providing they are clear. Advertisers targeting business users who reclaim VAT can now be  separated from retail customers who are still eligible to pay VAT.

So be aware that product comparisons may now be less comparable because they are not identical, but if they do the same job, will you care?

Well maybe you should. The more expensive product comes with thicker, stronger components that last longer, or have more meaningful guarantees. Take the horse meat scandal. XYZ pies are 20% cheaper than another’s, if the cheapest contain foreign bodies no wonder its cheaper. It always pays to check the small print, do your homework and understand what you are getting (or not getting) we are too obsessed with price in this country, quality generally costs a little more but seldom disappoints.

Check out why this site is independent and the new feature that allows you to compare double glazing companies on our web site shortly, so you can get the true comparison.

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