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Ideal Home Show


If its March then the Ideal Home Show cannot be very far away!

This years show starts on Friday March 15th and ends on April 1st Easter Monday.

Did you know, “The first Ideal Home Show opened in 1908 and was organised by the Daily Mail. The show was aimed at a growing market of home owners and showcased many labour saving devices that were starting to become more widely available.

The Ideal Home Show built its reputation on home innovation and was the UK launch pad for countless household products such as the toaster and electric kettle (1920), the microwave (1947) and the electric grass mower (1970). The show has also been at the forefront of environmental concerns, unveiling the first ‘energy efficient kitchen’ in 1989.

In 2008 the show celebrated its centenary with a special feature that showcased how much the home has changed in the 100 years since its doors first opened in 1908″

If you are looking for doors and windows then check out these exhibitors,

1st sliding folding doors ltd, Express bi folding doors, Amazon windows and conservatories, Anglian Home Improvements (the main sponsors), Arbor window systems, Britelight windows, Crystal windows and doors ltd, Timber Window & Door Company ltd, Window wise ltd, Wooden windows ltd.

With Adult weekend prices at £18.50, it is best to book in advance (only £14) but dont forget the late night Thursday specials at just £5 after 5pm

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Bang goes the theory and prejudice against PVCu


Maggie Philbin joins Liz Bonnin and Jem Stansfield at Bang goes the theory. Last night the programme focused on plastics, the health risks and recyclability of the material.

Found in just about everything, one family turned out their home of plastics yet missed a few less obvious items like a fleece and tin cans, yes tin cans are lined with plastic to preserve food longer and avoid contamination from the tin itself.

This family were concerned that they were reusing water bottles and that they may suffer carcinogenic problems, in fact two of the family had zero in the bodies and the two who did have, were 250 times below the lowest risk exposure.

A spokesman from the Britsh Plastics Federation explained the testing procedures to ensure plastics are safe and their video shows how sustainable the material has become.

School glue is transforming bone restructure. Seems PVA glue when mixed creates a honeycombed structure that once hardened, can be used to help repair broken bones, as the bone tissue starts to grow through the tiny voids.

Tonnes of plastics lay in landfill sites, line the verges of the countries roads or float across the oceans of the world. That however has more to do with our throw away society and our disregard for nature than the material itself.

Safe, clean, shaped for any purpose and reusable time and time again providing we, the humans who use it, dispose of it responsibly.

Didn’t see it, catch up on iplayer now

Check out the BPF video into sustainablility

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Adding a simple logo has increased traffic massively for one company


Barnet Windows Ltd have been a fans of the site since it started, but visitor numbers and enquiries have shot up since they added a link from their web site to DGC.

In December their web site guys added a Review logo which takes visitors directly to their DGC pages to read reviews that past customers have written or to write a glowing new one. In fact Barnets web site has sent 77 visitors in the two months since adding the link.

Check here to see how it links from their site to ours

What is impressive is that their reviews have been read over 1000 times so far this year, resulting in 18 requests for information, either by phone, email or website. Of-course they know these stats themselves because as gold members, they log onto see live details at any point, invite customer reviews automatically and get post code alerts. They are also positioned nicely to receive requests for quotations from customers when our lead generation service kicks in shortly.

Add your company and insert the DGC logo into your website to increase your traffic and help get more business.

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