Reviews pay dividends

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We all use TripAdvisor to check out the hotel or holiday resort. We know the brochure should tell the truth but we still like to get, unbiased independent comments from people who have stayed there or eaten a meal and lived to tell the tale!

Why then should double glazing be any different? is the first site where customers can compare accreditations that every company has. Visitors can double check to see when a limited company started trading, the products they offer, in fact anything about them. However the main benefit is the reviews people leave as these are independent, whilst companies can reply to them, they are unable to change the reviewers comments so people are free to say what they wish.

Most of us know that there seems to be a wide range of products and prices for double glazing, new windows doors and conservatories but will they do a good job. if I buy the cheapest will they be the worst alternatively is paying the most going to ensure I get the best value or most professional installation?

Well no. All home improvement companies take the material of their choice, aluminium PVCu or wood, add the glass they think works best, and a selection of ironmongery, furniture etc to make their version of a good window, they can then charge what they like, there is no standard price list, no government tariff. That said , its no bad thing, companies wont survive if their products are twice as much as anyone else, unless there were very good reasons for the extra that make them best value.

Yet this web site, is free for any customer to write a review of the company they used just like trip advisor but for the double glazing industry. Customers are free to write a review and rate the performance, value and quality of installers.

less than 12 months ago, one installer had not got any reviews. Since then they encouraged their customers to leave reviews and they now have over 40. These reviews have been read over 4,500 times! Ok these are not all new customers placing orders but many do, because they are relieved that others have survived the experience and enjoyed it sufficiently praise openly the company concerned.

Needless to say the company has had great reviews and significant leads from the site because people like the fact the company is prepared to have reviews written about it.


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