Double glazing leads, dont get caught.

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A couple of weeks ago a company I know was approached by a business who are an information based company hosting several “double glazing” and other industry web sites, attracting retail customers to leave their personal details and offering to find them honest, reputable and reliable double glazing companies close to them.

They were offering installation companies a free, lead  generation trial.

You see they suggest they would supply any double glazing company (who cares to sign up) with a name, address and relevant contact details from retail customers who left their details, looking for conservatory or double glazing companies.

Nothing wrong there, is there, it’s not against the law is it?

Well no providing they tell you that your details will be sold onto others in this way. Remember all companies need work, they survive on new business be it from existing customers or brand new ones.

Paying for this information isn’t wrong either but having to commit to buying a minimum of 5 leads every week, at just under £40 each means a chunky weekly bill of £200pw, what’s more they sell the same information to 3 other companies so effectively getting £800 for the same 5 contact names.

Profitable business eh?

Well, do the sums if every lead is sold on for £140! There are 12,000 installation companies in the double glazing industry and they list more than 150 other industries………

So, when you complete any form on the Internet, especially those saying they can find you the best, cheapest, closest company and will do so for free, just remember that they are doing so because your personal data is gold dust to them. Some web sites get to sell your data onto as many companies as it likes.

Not so with (DGC) Sure we will also help you find suitable companies but we don’t charge you for doing so, nor do we ask for your personal data, therefore we cannot sell on any (nor would we). Instead, we encourage customers to leave reviews, you’re then free to read them, free to select those that stand out for you and then if you like what you’ve read, either email them, look at the web site or phone them direct.

YOU remain in control of your personal data, at all times.

We don’t get kick backs or payments from any company, our only source of income is via companies who wish to display lots of information about themselves. We remain independent and you can read here to see how this site is funded, why we’re independent and our charges.


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