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Google changed their priorities, so we’re offering you a chance to win an Ipad

double glazing installations growth

Have you checked your web site performance recently?

At the end of September Google released an update that removed the advantage for having an exact match domain name. Many sites have seen traffic reduce massively since the 29th Sept.

In essence they removed the advantage that some sites had because they had a domain name which previously helped dominate searches, now the domain name doesn’t add any weight to searches, so good and bad news for DGC.

Good news is that for the search term “double glazing companies” we are still very strong, unfortunately “double glazing review sites” we have slipped some way down. This was a strong source of visitors so we have seen a dip, however the IT guys have ideas to restore us quickly to the first page.

But can you please help us to improve the Google ranking?

With every link you make to DGC, from blogs, from twitter or from your own web site or simply installing the reviews widget, Google will consider this an important site and soon restore the better position.

And as a special incentive to retail customers, we are offering you a chance to win an i-pad before Xmas!

You see whilst we’ve had 250 or so reviews over the last 12 months, we really need many more so that users get to read reviews before they buy new windows.

So this is a genuine incentive for those who are prepared to “write a review” on a company. You can write a review on any company on the website (or we’ll add them if you tell us about one thats not listed).

We don’t expect thousands of entries, so your chances of winning should be very high.

The rules are simple.

They must be real, they must be your comments about your experience, only one entry per household. Ideally people reading our site want to find good double glazing companies, so positives reviews are preferred but either will qualify.

Just find the company on our website that you used, “write a review about the company” about your experience BEFORE the end of November (closing date is midnight on Friday 30th November 2012) and that’s it, you’ll be included in the draw and the winners will be emailed on Friday 7th December 2012.

Good luck with your entry and thank you for writing your review.





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First 5 year member

new accreditations at double glazing companies

When we started we thought companies would like a small monthly direct debit £19.95 pm for the Gold level membership with access to all features.

However the savvy soon asked for a cheaper but longer term comitment, they wanted a saving for signing up for either 1 or 2 years, so we did just that by providing a far better deal for 1yr and 2yr deals at just £175 or £325.

Yet one company, having seen the benefits of membership went further, much further, 5 years to be precise!

Having trialled the site for free, Hazlemere Window Company thought the site well worth investing in but didnt want a monthly fee, infact they didnt want to pay anymore money until October 2017!

They became our first 5 year member. That means they get to show their BSI, TGO, Fensa and ISO accreditations, their news stories, their installation pictures and have their brochure available for download, 24/7, every day for the 1,837 days!

We just want to say thank you.

We value your comitment and we’ll do everything we can to reward your investment in

Is your company missing out Why not join?

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Uniglaze 2 in administration

triple glazing

More grim news from the industry with the news that administrators have been called into sealed unit manufacturers Uniglaze ” a respected manufacturer of sealed units in Norfolk. Seems that Swift Group Holdings tried to help Uniglaze in April 2011 but further problems in stiff trading conditions and customers closing meant that even this support was not sufficient to prevent Uniglaze calling in the administrators.

John Cowie in Windows Active has the full story here.

So how does this affect the guarantees installers have offered, and the home owners concerned?

Well installers rely upon their manufacturers warranties and I am sure that there will be some installers who now say, ” that sealed unit company has gone so has your your guarentee” however the installer must understand they are liable for the warranties they have offered, irrespective of the position of their suppliers.


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ASA uphold complaint against Armour Windows

price of double glazing

The Advertising Standards Agency has published its finding about a double glazing company. true it was only one person who complained and true the ASA only upheld one aspect of the complaint, the three other aspects were not upheld.

From the report it seems the ASA received 4 complaints that Armour Windows of 8 Redland Close, Aldermans Green Industrial Estate, Coventry (not any other company of similar name) had used misleading advertising.

The ASA found in favour of the complainant on the first count but were satisfied that the answers the company provided on the other three complaints and so the ASA did not uphold them.

The ad must not appear again in its current form for full report read here.

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Hazlemere Window Company, an “outstanding company”

double glazing installations growth

Manufacturer, installer and Conservatory Outlet Dealer,  Hazlemere Window Company, has been named as an “Outstanding Company” by Plimsoll Publishing, a leading provider of market reports and company analysis, based on its latest set of published annual accounts.

Over 25 years Plimsoll have produced reports for over 1,500 industries including the Windows, Doors and Conservatories industry, and these reports are often part of the furniture in the offices of business managers, directors and decision makers.  On the 11th September 2012 Plimsoll awarded High Wycombe based Hazlemere Window Company the accolade of “Award for Outstanding Company 2012”.

Plimsoll’s analysis of Hazlemere’s latest published annual accounts show that Hazlemere Window Company “is ranked as the 33rd fastest growing in terms of sales growth in the latest year.” In addition this independent analysis found that the company is among the top 50 in the double glazing industry in both trading profit and leaders in efficiency.

From a 56,000 square foot premises in High Wycombe, which includes an 8,000 square foot customer home improvement showroom, Hazlemere Window Company has, for nearly three decades, manufactured a complete range of aluminium windows,doors and conservatories. Since the beginning of 2011 Hazlemere has also been a main Conservatory Outlet Dealer – sourcing its UPVC products from Wakefield-based fabricator Conservatory Outlet – serving Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Commenting on the company’s new found status Hazlemere Window Company Sales Director, Tony Beale, said: “This prestigious Plimsoll award is clear recognition of the company’s sustained success during the last three decades, and proof that Hazlemere Window Company have managed to maintain outstanding financial performance over a long period of time, due to sound management, efficiency and prudence. This diligent business approach was further enhanced when Hazlemere became main Conservatory Outlet Dealers in April 2011, which has resulted in further steady profitable growth and diversification.”

Tony’s counterpart at Conservatory Outlet, Greg Kane, added: “It’s great news, but little surprise, that Hazlemere have been named an Outstanding Company by Plimsoll. It also hints at the calibre of the installation companies that make up the Conservatory Outlet Network of Dealers – well run, successful business with a sound infrastructure.”

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Green Deal Launched


According to reports, Green Deal launch was a little flat with just two companies, Mark Group and British Gas being fully signed up and ready to offer green deals.

Further reports suggest that 120 companies have signed up but are being vetted or considering if the costs and commitments of being a provider are sufficiently appetising.

For consumers who wish to have their local double glazing company or trusted local installer, they may be disappointed as one of the main issues is that despite protestations to the contrary, their is very little a small company can offer. They have no direct access to the green deal finance, having to go via an intermediary, thus losing control of their contract.

Installers wishing to get involved could fit windows for British Gas but they will be sub contracting on a job to job basis and squeezed on fitting charges so again consumers will suffer. Yes they should be qualified but like any job, quality is threatened when work is done on a price.

For green deal to work, there has to be 500 providers to produce real competition, and the finance has to be made available to smaller companies.

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New 14 days cooling off period

tick boxes

Seems the UK government agreed that UK consumers would be entitled to a two week “cooling off period” for contracts signed in the home in line with the European Consumer Rights Directive in October 2011. Although this is out to consultation, it is only the impact that this will have that’s being consulted about, the deed is done, the agreement made.

So surely this is great news for consumers?

Well perhaps not. Many companies offer swift installations and their prices reflect this, so building an extra week into their short time frame may impact their finances and if they leave market, then prices may rise as a consequence.

However the biggest threat is over the right to waive the 14 day cancellation period. In the future homeowners have the right to waive their rights (which has to be a good thing especially when someone really needs a rapid installation of new windows or doors) yet this will be used as part of the “paperwork” that requires signing, at a point when most people are still mulling over the decision to replace their windows.

This has to lead to an increase in complaints about unfair selling, I didn’t know what I was signing, I didn’t know I had signed away my right to cancel…… again in the pursuit of perfection, “total consumer protection” the government has created a massive opportunity for mis-selling.

How best to protect yourself, well consider companies who are members of the GGF, DGCOS or TGO, the glazing ombudsman. If the company you use belongs to one of these organisations then they have rules and standards to uphold, whats more they have conciliation schemes or arbitration schemes that are generally FREE to consumers.

Go with companies that aren’t members and you risk your word against theirs should matters require resolution.


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