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New website

traditional sash windows

Ever wondered why sash windows remain so popular, what makes them so efficient for ventilation or why they look right in beautiful homes because of the Palladio Theory?

Well we found this factual little site which attempts to answer some of these questions, its worth checking it out. A larger site is being built so it may become a useful reference site in the future.



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Choosing good double glazing

ideal home show

One of the good things about double glazing is the amount of choice you have, but just where do you start, just how do you find a quality company who you would trust to enter your home and knock the windows out?

Even the generic term double glazing is misleading as you can have triple glazing, super slim glazing, and sometimes if the local planners have their way, single glazing, but that’s not very energy efficient!

This choice however, is bewildering. It is the cause of so much confusion and if the wrong choice is made, disappointment follows.

Very few companies set out to sell the worst window (some do), and their employees are brain washed into believing their product is best, but they don’t know why. This can the process of choosing good double glazing take a lot longer than needed.

The truth is most manufacturing companies in the double glazing industry want to make products using the fewest number of sections they can, this reduces stock holding, increases efficiency and makes life simpler. The down side is that choice is very limited. If you want bog standard then fine, but ask for a prettier design, smaller bar or different finish and the answer will be, NO, that isn’t possible, doesn’t exist, never been asked for. in other words choice is restricted.

So you may think a specialist will offer more choice. Alas no, you see many companies jump on the current bandwagon, they suddenly specialise in sash windows, bi fold doors, patios or coloured windows. What they should say is that they now offer this specialised product that needs more care to make and is different from the standards stuff they make.

However, when a manufacturer does specialise in a product (ie the only make that style of window) then you find their product range is far more extensive. They offer a wider choice of colours, finishes shapes and sizes, in other words they listen to your requirements and build bespoke products according to your specification and needs.

Ok these solutions may cost a little more than basic models or the mass produced standard products.

What is amazing with window replacement is that if you install new double glazed windows that suit your property, very few people will know they’ve been changed, whereas if your change them for cheaper standard products that don’t suit your home, they stand out like a sore thumb, everyone notices how bad they are!!

Spend some time understanding what things mean and what makes a good product….things like;

SBD. If you have problems with breakins, live on the ground floor or need a little more security than normal, then the Police would recommend you use “SBD” its their preferred standard, Secured by Design. If you live on the 5th floor you’re unlikely to need SDB other than the entrance doors or communial balcony windows.

BSI and BBA. Although there are robots making windows, most are made by people using machines. Many however employ lots of people, sometimes they are diligent other times (friday afternoons or after a late night) they can be prone to sub standard output, well the British Standards Institue and British Board of Agreement, insist that quality performance is maintained, hourly checks have to be made to ensure fridays windows are as good as those made in the rest of the week.

WER’s. Energy costs, conservation of our resources and lower consumption is becoming ever more important, tharerfore Window Energy Ratings may be important. WER’s like fridges, freezers and other white goods have energy bands from A to G with A being best.

In summary the more homework you do understanding what options you have and deciding what you should have and disregarding the fancy options that you dont need to bother with, will help you find a double glazing company and products that fit your needs perfectly and your home.



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Government now ready to spend £2m advertising the Green Deal

Article 4 directives

According to reports on Friday in the Guardian, the government is set to spend £2m, £5m or £10m on a publicity campaign to advertise the benefits of the green deal to home owners.

This seems to be illogical. If, as the government believes, the green deal is a massive opportunity for businesses to boost the installation of energy saving products, then these companies will spend their entire publicity budgets on doing their job for them. (more…)

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