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Claims made that “REAL” did not get OFT approval for changes in their code of conduct.


According to edieEnergy,

the Renewable Energy Assurance Scheme (REAL) is being pressured to withdraw its code of conduct, following claims that code alterations were not approved by the Office for Fair Trading (OFT) and is subsequently ‘unlawful’. (more…)

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WHICH spell out demands for Green Deal


WHICH magazine have recently issued the government with their ideas for companies wishing to sell “GREEN” improvements. Their full article can be read here, but this is a summary of their demands along with our understanding of the current positions. (more…)

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Green shoots for a “Fitterhome”


Green Deal is fast changing the way people buy home improvements.

Companies are setting up to take advantage of the green deal but as heating, ventilation and home improvement companies, like Fitterhome Ltd formed earlier this year, specificaly to market whole house energy savings.

When Roy Frost worked for Everest, he was responsible for developing new business opportunities to add to their empire and extend their brand, so it is no surprise at all, that he is now doing exactly that for himself.

Roy and his colleague have a showroom in a busy nursery The Albert Bygrave Centre, North Orbital Road, St Albans. There they have real boilers plumbed in, solar panels creating real energy, low energy light bulbs and some great, A rated windows.

What makes Fitterhome different is that Roy Frost has trained to become an energy assessor and fitterhomes will undertake all measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

With the showroom due to open on August 9th, there’s lots of activity, but even before it is officially open, they are busy writting business and delighted with their home energy calculator and educational web site which certainly engages . well worth a visit.

So if you want to check out the savings you can make, do stop by their showroom or visit their web site here.


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Crystal need your support with a legal appeal


Crystal Home Improvements succesfully challenged the government over Feed in Tariffs, now they need your help with a new and more threatening challenge. (more…)

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DECC, The House debates Green Deal live today @ 2.30pm


Make no mistake, the Green Deal is going to change the industry.

Advocates will say that GD offers consumers FREE or zero cost improvements, (because they are paid for by the energy savings measures installed) and that there are so many existing homes that hemorrhage energy through inefficient boilers, insulation and low performing windows.

Those against say the government is about to decimate the industry and risks tens of thousands of job disappearing, as the big energy companies hoover up leads for new windows and channel them through a select group of national double glazing companies and charge the poorest in the society MORE for the same windows!

GREAT news if you are a landlord, get new windows installed and let the tenant pay for them via their electricity bills!

Whatever your view, the House of Commons is due to debate the issues later today,  Tuesday 17th July at 2.30pm and it will be televised on The meeting itself is being held in committee room No 6 and you can link to the broadcast here.

Given the recent EU statement that the UK governments 5% VAT is outside their rules and therefore illegal, (which suggests that all energy efficient improvements should be treated the same way as energy efficient windows… 20%!!!!!), this should be an interesting debate.

As there has been little or no notice of this debate we would strongly urge anyone with strong  feelings about Green Deal and its impact it is likely to have, to email their MP, the  various committee members, and witnesses like those listed below……NOW

  • Rt Hon Edward Davey MP, Secretary of State,
  • Moira Wallace, Permanent Secretary,
  • Phil Wynn Owen, Director General, International Climate Change and Energy Efficiency,
  • Simon Virley, Director General, Energy Markets and Infrastructure, Department of Energy and Climate Change
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Three people sentenced for double glazing con

double glazing companies widget

According to reports in the Express and Star on Friday 13th July 2012 three men,  Avtar Pawar, Paula  Bowdler and Gerald Smith have been sentenced for the part they played in a double glazing con, in the West Midlands. (more…)

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Police in Taunton looking for Double Glazing “Salesman”

burglar break in

According to reports, the Police in Taunton are looking for a man in his 20’s and his colleague, who are thought to have stolen £1500 from an elderly woman in her 90’s. One kept thewoman talking whilst the second broke into the property via the back door.

Whilst the thieves are unlikely to be salespeople of any kind, it does highlight the importance to be alter and ensure rear doors are locked if you are being drawn to the front door.

Always ask to see ID. The vast majority of honest companies will happily provide ID cards.

The incedent happened about 6pm on June 27th, see the p


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EU Commission threatens Green Deal VAT rate as it turns up the heat


Today the Times reports Brussels is continuing to push Britain to make a decision about its unequal VAT treatment of insulation products, meaning thousands of UK citizens will be forced to pay 20% not 5% VAT

We reported this previously in July last year when dozens of reports suggested that the EU  told the UK government that 5% VAT rate for energy efficient measures like boilers and insulation, is illegal and outside the rules and that the UK has been told it must change the rate to 20%. (more…)

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Easier registration for double glazing companies

new accreditations at double glazing companies

Every company can have a FREE entry on Double Glazing Companies. They get to register their company details, their phone number, along with the products and services they offer their customers.

There’s no advertising on the site, no sponsors links, no misleading promotion of any company over another, no one can buy their way to the top, everything is controlled by user reviews.  (more…)

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Another company caught, seeking to mislead by posting fake reviews!

review not posted

Our aims at are simple, to provide a comparison website so that companies with good reputations can display their accreditations and allow purchasers to check a few users reviews, before investing thousands of pounds in new home improvements, windows doors, conservatories etc.

So it is vital that reviews are genuine, that’s why we have a number of secret checks to spot rouges wishing to cheat the system by posting fake reviews!

This week we caught another company doing just that. (more…)

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