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As a double glazing company, are you getting regular visits?

double glazing installations growth

Many visitors to the site like to read reviews first, they like to do some research about you and other double glazing companies in the industry, way before they ever contact you direct. That’s why it is so important to have a strong presence. Every day prospective customers are searching for the right company to do their home improvements for them.

To illustrate this, whilst hundreds of companies had between 40-80 visitors last month, 4 companies on had nearly 500 visitors!

  1. Traditional Windows had 91,
  2. Bygone Installation Essex had 106,
  3. Bygone Installations Thames Valley had 117, and
  4. Barnet Window Company in New Barnet topped the lot at a fantastic 143 visitors in May alone!

Why are these companies, doing so well?

Well it has something to do with the fact that these companies have written lots of information about themselves, added their accreditations, uploaded pictures showing recent installations and their brochures, but above all else, they have asked their past customers to add reviews about their experiences.

Each of they report they have seen an increase in overall visitor numbers and DGC is an active part of their marketing plan, a couple have set up an unique email address (DGC@….) so they can know for certain that any email could only have come from visitors to the site.

Your company could also do what these companies have done. As an active member, every month we email you with the number of visitors your site has seen so look out for the email and make the most of your entry, do ask your customers to add their review (there’s an auto invite facility on your account) so that you get lots more visitors, leading to new enquiries.

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