Green Deal gets bad press from the Daily Mail, Which magazine issue warnings, minister heckled!


In the Daily Mail,  James Slack and Tamara Cohen write to advise readers of the perils that face homeowners wishing to improve their homes, when changing boilers, windows or having a new conservatory built.

The consultation was met with stiff opposition in some quarters, because its yet one more way to control our lives. Freedoms are being lost. Under the plans, it will be compulsory to make other improvements at the same time as changing a boiler.

Whilst some will argue its good because more gets done to reduce the  heat being lost through poorly insulated areas (like the roof, cavities and windows etc), most fear that consumers will either not do the improvements at all, or get an unregulated contract in who wont worry about the regulations. Either way that’s not good news for good, law abiding double glazing companies.

In the article the report a DGLC spokesperson as saying

‘The reason we have picked these particular efficiency measures is because they are the cheapest and most effective in terms of making the money back in energy savings. This is a consultation and we have highlighted potential problems to encourage responses on how this may affect the public.’

However DECC the Department of Energy and Climate Change
admitted that,

a trial on 126 homes in Sutton, Surrey, found the savings were lower than expected and in some cases there were none at all!!!!!!

Now there’s a surprise!

Another iniatitive that doesn’t deliver the expected results, forces home owners to pay more than necessary and ties them up with repayments for 25 years! Read their full report here.

WHICH magazine meanwhile also fear the worst, read their reports here.

Meanwhile there are reports that the minister Gregg Barker was heckled by his audience at a Construction Products Association luncheon yesterday (24th April)

According to construction enquirier

“he was the main speaker at the Dorchester Hotel and received a rough ride from his construction industry audience. One guest told the Enquirer: “He was giving the usual speech about
Green Deal opportunities for smaller construction companies when a few people decided enough was enough and decided to bring him back to the real world!

Just how many times must the minister be warned that his plans will cripple a baleagurered industry. Listen to these voices, they have alternative solutions which will work and which wide


“He also got it in the neck about cuts to the feed-in-tarriff and it was a
fairly rowdy atmosphere.”

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