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Consumer Rights set to change, longer cooling off periods

price of double glazing

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is about to consult industry on the impact contained in the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) expected shortly.

One of the key points is expected to be an increase in the cooling off period for contracts signed in the home, from the current 7 day period to 14 days.


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Choosing the Right Kind of Double Glazing: Gas or No Gas?


Often a question asked by a waiter when ordering water in a foreign restaurant but some customers are asking the same question here in the UK, concerning double glazed sealed units.

When sealed units were simple (air filled) the only issue was the amount of water vapour trapped between the two sheets of glass, when the sealed unit was manufactured. Silica gel crystals provided a simple solution, as they would suck out any moisture so trapped for the life of the sealed units. (more…)

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Double Glazing firm exposes more, this time a male chest.


Amy Devine reported for the Daily Record in Scotland that a boss in a local double glazing company decided to use a male model to promote his company, having had complaints that his advert featuring a woman’s breasts (covered with a flower) was inappropriate. (more…)

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