Green Deal Deadline fast approaching


The government consultation period is fast approaching it’s closing date of January18th. Submissions must be made by 4pm on the day. Any company can contribute, although most will use the services of their trade body or association like the GGF who have consulted their membership across the country.

Whilst many share the governments desire that homes are better insulated, windows, cavities and loft insulation etc, they are disappointed that there’s no meaningful governmental support for homeowners seeking to do the improvements.

I fear Green Deal is doomed to failure because of one simple human trait.

People want to see the benefits immediately. Yes the existing proposals will generate immediate savings, but these will be masked behind years of repayment so the benefits wont feel like they have arrived, until long after the current occupant has left the property.

Many had hoped for direct incentives, cash back schemes, returns of stamp duty for energy efficient improvements within 12 months of moving home or a reduction of VAT to 5% as for other insulation products ie some direct reward for making the improvements.

Instead there seems to be a desire for an over complex, bureaucratic and costly loan, attached to homes, which owners (or tenants) payback for the next 25 years via their electricity bills, so instead of feeling any benefit the occupier wont see a reduction in their outgoings. However it is a clever way for the government to say they helped insult homes without any significant financial support from them!

Oh yes, and its the electricity companies (you know the ones that are always in trouble for misselling products) that the government is forcing upon the public, to take charge of this complex subject.


No, not yet, but if the government have listened (as they claim to have done) to the comments made and allow industry to create solutions that work for consumers and industry alike, that and enable simplified solutions to be put in-place to the home owners of the country.

Highlight the immediate support from government, illustrate the contribution so that the initial cost is lower, and that future energy bills will be reduced, then there will be massive take up. Then perhaps Green Deal will be a great opportunity and the government can be praised for taking tough decisions in challenging times, because they encouraged the wholesale improvement of the housing stock for the next 50 year.

Trouble is we won’t know any more detail for another 3 months, then industry will be expected to accommodate their new ideas (whatever they are) and implement them within 5 months of that date! Let’s hope the officials have indeed listened, otherwise the Green Deal is dead in the water, along with this governments flagship policy, and they’ll have missed the chance to improve the lives of thousands!

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