Essex terraced house gets “superhome” status


The Ashden Sustainable Energy Academy (now known as Ashden) recently assessed a 100-year old terraced house in Essex, and the owner has changed it from a dark and dingy inefficient Victorian property, into delightful open-plan home with a very low carbon footprint.

Specialist sash windows installer, Bygone Installations Essex Ltd has recently installed 10 A rated sash windows and their client is over the moon and have a highly efficient terraced property using solar panels, log burning stove and energy efficient sash windows.

The property has now achieved ‘superhome’ status, becoming a member of the Old Home Superhome network: low-carbon home owners who open their houses to the public to inspire others to make green home improvements. There are now 116 superhomes across the UK that have attracted over 40,000 visitors so far.

Whatsmore, the house is nowbeing reassessed, because of the additional benefit of teh A rated sash windows. This just goes to prove that retaining older properties, and the embeded energy used when they were built, can produce homes which are massively energy efficient, so much more than the boxes often constructed today

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