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Cheapest and Best double glazing………but just how do you know?

price of double glazing

You can imagine, the site gets lots of visits, especially from people looking for, “the best and cheapest double glazing company”. But what do they mean by “the best” and is cheapest ever the best?

Choice, its great to have but forces you to evaluate differences. (more…)

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Sign the petition to “Cut the VAT” on Energy Efficient, Home Improvements


For years, the double glazing industry and the general population of this country, has been disadvantaged, paying 4 times more VAT (20%) for Energy Efficient home improvements, when most other energy efficient products (light bulbs, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation) are all charged at just 5%!

Sign the petition here. (more…)

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117% increase in Dual Fuel Bills since 2004, just how high will they go?


The FT reports today that dual fuel bills have more than doubled since 2004.

Read the article here

So if this trend continues to double every 7 years double glazing that saves energy and reduced consumption (and therefore energy bills) HAS to be a serious consideration, even a worthwhile investment. (more…)

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New and Improved Search Facility for home owners wanting to find quality window producers

new accreditations at double glazing companies

We have a new and improved search facility.

You can still search for a specific company by name or by using your post code to find a list of the nearest companies in your area, however we found that many people are interested in “energy efficient windows”, “Secure windows”, or want to search for “members of Ombudsman schemes” etc, thats why we have amended the search to simply our process and make it quicker and easier to compare. (more…)

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The Governments Green Deal for Energy Efficient windows, another White Elephant?

price of double glazing

Beware Green Deals, special offers, bogus schemes!

The double glazing industry has its share of critics, some companies have poor reputations, some claim government schemes exist when they don’t, whilst others are tarnished when actually, they’re telling the truth.

Here at, we aim to help you as a homeowner, understand whats happening, help you check things out for yourself, so you can avoid being hoodwinked by companies, jumping on the next bandwagon. (more…)

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Energy Savings Week, 24th-28th October. EST promotes energy efficient double glazing.


The 24th-28th of October marks Energy Savings Week. In it’s 15th year now the Energy Savings Trust are again promoting energy savings companies and the products they make, to reduce the nations energy consumption, and so as a homeowner, you can select the best ones, invest in the best ones and help manage your expenditure on fuel bills.

With gas and electric prices escalating way beyond inflation, every home in the country needs to consider the number of units being purchased. It makes sense to insulate, making the energy purchased go further. (more…)

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