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Installation Photographs now watermarked automatically on


It is said that, “Imitation, is the greatest form of flattery”. Whilst that may be very true, copying someone else’s pictures of really nice installations, is just plain theft and we want to prevent it happening.

Some companies have expressed reluctance to add photographs of their projects because of concerns regarding security. Well now, any photo that gets added, will automatically have an imovable watermark added to the image, so that unscrupulous companies cannot cut and paste images from the site, without a watermark saying the images are from and their members.

All companies can display examples of their work on their companies page, the installations they are proud of, their products etc if they wish to. There is a modest cost to cover this facility but many companies are reluctant to make this small investment, either unable or unwilling to pay the fee, taking instead the Free basic listing. Perhaps you should check out their financial security if they’re unable to afford to display their pictures!

Just click on the “photos tab” to see their illustrations.

Hopefully the new watermark isn’t too intrusive and you appreciate the need to protect the good double glazing companies who have invested time, money and effort, capturing the quality of good workmanship, from those who would rather steal the pictures and claim them as their own handy work!

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Insecure Patio Doors, windows that leak, what are my rights, what should I do next?

burglar break in

We had mail today from someone seeking help, its a true story but we’ve deleted their details,

Dear Sir/Madam

Could I please ask for your advice. In August, I had double glazed windows, sliding patio doors and a composite door fitted to my property.  Unfortunately I am dissatisfied with all of the fittings, and despite two meetings with the owners of the company, I still have major problems.

The window cavities hold water (not where the drain holes are) the sliding patio doors are insecure (as agreed by a Police Crime Reduction Officer) the composite door and the frame are colour mismatched and all of the fittings have been poorly ‘finished’ with black silicone on top of brown (all fittings are black.)  At the time of this email, I have 32 issues. (more…)

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As winter arrives……


Let’s enjoy every last hour of sunshine as summer slips away into the coolness of autumn, the sharpness of early mornings and crystal clear nights.

Households across the country will be starting the boiler, calling the plumber and discussing ways to reduce the amount that will inevitably be paid to the gas supply companies.

Discussion will rage between “put on a jumper if you are cold” or “we’re not putting the heating on until October” to, “your mother said you were tight!”

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