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Are Costs and Red Tape going to scupper the Green Deal?


The government via DECC, wants to encourage home owners to insulate their homes. Grants, handouts or interest free loans would all be vote winners come the next election, but they have no money to pay for it, the coffers are empty and besides they have yet to have the second reading in the house or consult with industry.

The theory of encouraging us to conserve the energy we have must be sound, but just what are the pitfalls? (more…)

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New regs for conservatory companies 1st October


Home owners and companies are being warned about new DEFRA legislation which will affect most conservatories and extensions. The transfer of power is due to take place 1stOctober 2011 and there is no period of grace.

From this date, PERMISSION will HAVE to be obtained from your local water authority if you wish to extend your home by building over drains or sewers! (more…)

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UK could see 6.6m households in fuel poverty

The Energy Savings Trust today issued a press release saying,

The UK could see 6.6 million households in fuel poverty as soon as September if the remaining two energy companies put up their prices, National Energy Action predicts.

This is an increase of 1.2 million households in less than a year. Maria Wardrobe, director of external affairs at the organisation said: (more…)

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Encouraging stats for

tick boxes

Launched on February 9th 2011, the first six months have produced positive results. A little over 4,000 people have seen the site, collectively visiting it 6,232 times, reading 38,558 pages (average of 5 per visit)……from 55 different countries! (more…)

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Laminated or Toughened Glass which is best?

burglar break in

The pictures this week of the senseless riots across the country are horrific. Buildings destroyed, businesses ransacked, shops looted all for a couple of cans of lager, a mobile phone or plasma telly. However it was noticeable that some shop front  just disappeared whilst others stood up to repeated attack. The glass smashed and will need replacement but these opportunists were deterred and swiftly moved down the street…..why? (more…)

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