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Why do some companies have a Gold Tick, other Green?

At, we wanted to emphasise companies that have the best ratings.

A Gold Tick signifies that 80% or more reviewers would recommend them to others. A Green Tick is used if more than 40% would recommend them and a Red exclamation mark if their recommended figure is less than 25%. (more…)

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Get good reviews “automatically”

You probably get third party recommendations by letter, but only you and the sender know you’ve done a decent job. Why not download our new email link, so you can get dozens of happy customer reviews direct onto your reviews section? 

Asking every customer to leave a review can be a pain and is often overlooked and yet recommendations are gold dust. Prospects are naturally nervous about trusting starangers into their home to remove windows, but not if thecan see that others have had their windows successfully changed nearby.

By prompting customers to leave a review when you send out the invoice, many more people will find out how good you are and that will reassure prospects and increase your chances of converting quotes to orders.

How valuable do you find reviews?

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Triple glazing now listed

triple glazing

New Category Launched: Triple Glazing Installers

There is much industry debate about triple glazing right now, so in response we’ve added triple glazing as a new product field, so companies that offer triple glazing as well as double glazing, can now include that in their product offer pages.

As we continue to develop the site and new products are launched on the market, we will grow to cover these. Have you had experience with getting triple glazing installed and did you notice a significant change? We’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy using our site and that it has helped you either get in contact with a glazing company, or if you are a glazing company yourself, that you have managed to secure additional business from being listed on DGC. We welcome feedback from our users and we are always looking to improve.

Are there other products we need to list or search improvements we need to make?

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Free upgrade to Gold?

Interested in a free upgrade?

The basic level may be perfectly OK for your business, after all it is free. However many companies would like to try before they buy, that’s why we are offering you a 30 day trial on silver or gold, absolutely free, without charge. We would like you to see your company logo displayed, more info, pictures of your installations, your accreditation’s etc Just click here to send an email request to have the free 30 day trial, (only one trial period per company)………. what are you waiting for?

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Tesco’s now selling windows……

window frame

Since October 2010, retail giants Tesco, have been trialling the installation of home improvement products in the west country, including double glazing, windows, doors and conservatories. They have teamed up with a national company for the installation work, they guarantee the workmanship, and offer customers approximate prices online at Tesco Windows.


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Top double glazing companies, best “user reviews”.

tick boxes

Rewarding companies in the double glazing industry who have the best user reviews, we have added a 1st, 2nd, 3rd rosette besides them. Remember, these positions cannot be bought or sponsored, companies in these positions are there by right. They have more positive reviews than anyone else on the site.

Additionally, each reviewer is asked a simple question, “would you recommend to a friend ?” Yes or No. A simple question, a simple answer and this alone determines if they deserve either a gold or green tick or a red exclaimation mark. (more…)

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Just another double glazing web site? (DGC) wants to improve the image of the industry, educate consumers so they appreciate (and hopefully pay for) quality products by reputable companies, who offer the highest levels of consumer protection.

The site has been set up to provide consumers an opportunity to compare companies, leave and read reviews of past performances, and allow them to independently verify claims made by installers.


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Established since, Trading since, Incorporated….do you know the difference?

Marketing is all about emphasising the good and being perhaps a little conservative with the truth. But misdirection is untruthful, its lying. Many double glazing companies claim they have been trading for years, they were established 30 years ago and yet information held at Company House, will show they were only recently incorporated!

What does it matter? Well it may not, they may have years of experience, or bought the assets of a company that has experience, however if a company cannot be honest about its past, how can you be confident about its future?

If a company has only been trading for a year, how much credence can you give their 10 year guarantees or warranty?

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Getting to grips with phoenix companies.

Just over three months since launch, ltd have had over 250 sign up to their new website and 20 or so customer reviews. Whilst the vast majority of reviews are favourable, there has been a couple of negative ones which primarily focus on phoenix companies.

In one case, an unhappy customer left a scathing review about a company that has ceased to trade. That is perfectly fine as the company no longer exists, so anyone can say anything about it without fear of litigation. However the unhappy customer goes on to complain that a new company, who bought the web site from the liquidators and is using it virtually unchanged. This means they continue to claim their company has,

  • Thousands of happy customers,
  • Dozens of accreditations;
  • Over 30 years experience,

A remarkable achievement for a company that is in fact, less than 3 months old!


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Triple Glazing – is it better than double glazing?

triple glazing

Glass tends to be used in multiple layers to increase the thermal efficiencies. In sealed units two sheets of glass are generally used, separated by a spacer bar. Triple glazing as the name suggests is where three sheets are used, separated be two spacer bars.

These methods tend to be used for heat retention, as the air or gas trapped between the sheets increases its thermal efficiencies. However, the extra sheet of glass normally adds 50% more weight, and two spacer bars means there are twice the number of seals that could fail.

Your room may be darker too as each sheet can reduce the light that enters the room,making it darker because there is less daylight, and increasing electric bills for lighting.

What do you think?

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