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Double Glazing – cowboys?

The “double glazing” industry has had its share of horror stories, of shoddy workmanship and salespeople who would sell their Grannie to get an order! No industry is free from these traits but the replacement window industry works hard to improve its image, the companies that operate in it and the products it offers customers.

The standards, quality and reputation of the todays products are much improved from yesteryear, however you may not that double glazing has its roots in cowboy country. One Mr Thomas Stetson (of the New York Stetsons) was the first to patent multi glazing (double glazing) with two sheets of glass separated by a sliver of wood and held together with tar to bond them together…… 1865.

So yes we have cowboy roots but please, the vast majority of windows get installed by professional, reputable organisations, which shed their spurs long ago!

What do you think?

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